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The Purchase And Release Method Of Phone Charger

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Buy compatible mobile phone charger also pay attention to the brand, should be the normal manufacturer of goods. because it

The principle of some chargers is introduced, but the actual identification is very difficult. Even professionals, in the case of not opening the charger, not using test equipment, it is difficult to accurately judge the Charger's performance and quality from the appearance of the charger. Some famous brands of products although the price will be slightly higher, but from the circuit design to the selection of components are more formal science, so the charging effect is also more ideal for non original seat charge also depends on the precision of the mold, mobile phone plug can be in place once, and the resistance is even, elastic moderate. For a portion of the charger directly charged to the battery, the same as the previous brigade charged, to see how reasonable the circuit design.

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