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Phone Charger Maintenance

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Put static electricity in the wash. Regularly clean the charger and charging interface. When cleaning, use a damp cloth, or an antistatic cloth. Do not use dry cloth (electrostatic charge)!

Waterproof moisture. As an electronic product, it can cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to the electronic components inside the water when it is accidentally exposed to moist air when it is not carefully flooded or used for a long time.

Anti-Fall shockproof. Mobile phone charger is actually a fragile component, internal components cannot afford to beat. In particular, prevent the use of careless landing. Do not throw, knock or vibrate the charger. Rudely treating the charger will destroy the internal circuit board.

Anti-cold heat protection. Do not put the charger in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperatures shorten the life of electronic devices, destroying chargers and making some plastic parts deformed or melted. Do not store the charger in a cold place. When the charger in the cold environment work, the internal temperature rise, the charger will form moisture, destroying the circuit board.

Anti-potent chemicals. Do not use potent chemicals, detergents or strong detergent to clean the charger. Clear the appearance of the charger stains can be cotton stained with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrub.

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