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Wholesale 90W Universal Laptop Adapter with 5V 2.1A USB Output for Laptop and Mobile Phone

Wholesale 90W Universal Laptop Adapter with 5V 2.1A USB Output for Laptop and Mobile Phone

Model NO.: UB-90UB Input: AC 100~240V 2A (50~60Hz) Output: 15V / 16V / 16.5V / 18.5V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V (90W Max) USB Output: 5.0V/2.1A USB(Max 10.5W) Dimension: 133*58*31mm(L*W*H) Net Weight: 401G/set(with 8 tips) Packing: Blister+Cardboard/ Customized accepted

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Product Details

Wholesale 90W universal laptop adapter with 5v 2.1a USB output for laptop and mobile phone  

Product Description:

Wholesale 90W universal laptop adapter usb charger with 5v 2.1a USB output for laptop and mobile phone, black and white color for option, European universal travel ac laptop power adaptor featured with multi-protections and auto switch voltage, fit to charge notebook battery and compatible for Power Charger for dell/ for hp/ for acer Laptop Notebook and brand laptops


- Compatible with 14.5-20 volts laptop with wattage requirement up to 90 watts.

- Double chipset innovation provides constant true voltage automatically with low consumption.

- Built with input/output overvoltage protection, input/output overcurrent protection,over temperature

  protection,over power protection and short circuit protection.

- Innovative connector-designs provide required voltages and polarity automatically.

- More than 35 laptop connectors are optional to match most of laptops.

- 5.0V/2.1A USB(Max 10.5W) output fit for Cell phones, Tablet PC, MP3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, GPS, etc.


Product   name

Universal   Laptop Adapter


Black   / White




AC   100~240V 2A (50~60Hz)


15V   / 16V / 16.5V / 18.5V / 19V / 19.5V / 20V (90W Max)

USB   Output

5.0V/2.1A   USB(Max 10.5W)


133*58*31mm   (L*W*H)

Net   Weight

401G/set(with   8 tips)

Length   of output power cord

120   cm


Blister+Cardboard/   Customized accepted





M115V (90W Max)6.3*3.0*12mm   Toshiba:15V/3A,15V/4A,15V/5A,15V/6A;   NEC:15V/6A etc.
M216V (90W Max)5.5*2.5*12mm   IBM,Lenovo:16V/3.36A,16V/3.5A,16V/4.5A etc.
M316V (90W Max)6.5*4.4*10mm   Fujitsu:16V/3.36A,16V/3.75A;   Sony:16V/3.42A,16V/3.75A,16V/4A etc.
M418.5V (90W Max)4.8*1.7*12mm   HP/Compaq:18.5V/1.1A,18.5V/2.7A,18.5V/3.5A,18.5V/3.8A,18.5V/4.74A,
   18.5V/4.9A etc.
M4B19V(90W Max)4.8*1.7*12mm Bullet   HP/Compaq:18.5V/2.1A,18.5V/4.9A,19V/4.74A;   LG:18.5V 3.5A etc.
M519V (90W Max)5.5*2.5*12mm   Acer:19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A;    Asus:19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A; 
   Hasee:19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A;   IBM:19V/3.16A,19V/4.2A;   NEC:19V/4.74A; 
   Toshiba:19V/3.42A,19V/3.95A,19V/4.74A;   Lenovo:19V/4.74A;
   Liteon:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/3.95A,19V/4.74A etc.
M619V (90W Max)5.5*3.0*12mm   Samsung:19V/2.1A,19V/3.16A,19V/4.74A etc.
M719V (90W Max)5.5*2.1*12mm   Acer:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A; 
   Liteon:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A;    NEC:19V/3.16A etc.
M819.5V (90W Max)6.5*4.4*10mm   Sony:19.5V/2.15A,19.5V/3A,19.5V/3.9A,19.5V/4.1A,19.5V/4.74A, 19.5V/5.13A etc.
M919.5V (90W Max)7.4*5.0*12mm   Dell:19.5V/3.34A,19.5V/4.62A etc.
M1020V (90W Max)3 Holes   Dell:20V/3.5A,20V/4.5A etc.
M1120V (90W Max)7.9*5.4*12mm   IBM,Lenovo:20V/3.25A,20V/4.5A etc.
M1218.5V (90W Max)7.4*5.0*12mm   HP/Compaq:18.5V/3.5A,18.5V/4.9A,18.5V/6.5A,19V/4.74A etc.
M1418.5V(90W Max)OVAL   HP/Compaq:18.5V/4.9A etc.
M1519V(90W Max)5.5*1.7*12mm   Acer:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A;   Liteon:19V/3.16A,19V/3.42A,19V/4.74A etc.
M1616.5V(90W Max)Magsafe   Apple Macbook Pro:16.5V/3.65A.
M1718.5V(90W Max)Magsafe   Apple Macbook Pro:18.5V/4.6A.
M1814.5V(90W Max)Magsafe   Apple Macbook Air:14.5V /3.1A.
M16B16.5V(90W Max)Magsafe 2   Apple Macbook Pro Retina:16.5V/3.65A.
M17B20V(90W Max)Magsafe 2   Apple Macbook Pro Retina:20V/4.25A.
M18B14.85V(90W Max)Magsafe 2   Apple New Macbook Air:14.85V/3.05A.
M16C16.5V(90W Max)Magsafe   Apple Old Macbook Pro:16.5V/3.65A.
M17C18.5V(90W Max)Magsafe   Apple Old Macbook Pro:18.5V/4.6A.
M1919V(90W Max)2.5*0.7*10mm   Asus:19V/2.1A etc.
M2019V(90W Max)4.0*1.7*12mm   HP:19V/1.58A etc.
M2119.5V(90W Max)Octagonal / Chip inside    Dell:19.5V3.34A etc.
M2219V(90W Max)3.0*1.0*10mm   Samsung:19V/2.1A etc.
M2319.5V(90W Max)4.5*3.0*12mm
Chip inside
   Dell:19.5V/2.31A etc.
M2419.5V(90W Max)4.0*1.7*12mm Bullet   HP:19.5V/2.05A etc.
M2520V(90W Max)5.5*2.5*12mm   Lenovo:20V/2A,20V/3.25A,20V/4.5A etc.
M2619V(90W Max)4.0*1.35*10mm   Asus:19V/3.42A; 19V/2.37A; 19V/4.74A etc.
M2719V(90W Max)4.5*3.0*10mm   Asus:19V/3.42A; 19V/4.74A etc.
M2820V(90W Max)Square 11*4.5*11mm   Lenovo:20V/2.25A ; 20V/3.25A; 20V/4.5A etc.
M2919.5V(90W Max)4.5*3.0*12mm Blue tip   HP Envy:19.5V/4.62A; 19.5V/2.31A etc.
M3019.5V(90W Max)4.8*1.7*10mm Long tip   HP Envy:19.5V/3.33A ;19.5V/4.7A etc.




Method of utilization for Universal Laptop Adapter:

- Confirm the model of your notebook computer.
- Check the input voltage as shown on the bottom panel of your notebook computer or contact the manufacturer of your notebook

  computer for respective information.
- Select the DC Connector that is compatible with your notebook computer and connect the DC connector to the DC Power cord.
- Connect the adapter to any power socket with the AC power Cord. The Power LED will go on.
- Connect the DC power cord to your notebook computer.Notebook computer will then be powered.


Caution of Universal Laptop Adapter:

- Don’t disassemble it.

- Keep it away from high temperature or high moist environment.

- It’s a common phenomenon for the unit to feel hot when using.

- Please don’t fall down or bump it,avoid damaging the electronic component.

- Before using it,please read carefully your laptop user manual,ensure the technical data set compatible with your laptop.

- We are responsible for any damage caused uncorrected operation.


Company Information:

Gasage Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing power solutions. Established in 2005.

We aggregate R&D, Design, Factory production and Branding, we are expert in manufacturing and marketing Power Strip, Laptop Adapter, USB Charger, Power Bank, Wireless Charger and OEM ODM power solutions.

Our enterprise culture is “Make Better”.

We always focus on providing better products and better service to our customers.

Our products obtained CE, CB, RoHS, GS, FCC certificates of TUV Rheinland.


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